Customer Success Stories

Zalvus finds qualified candidates for all industries, career levels & company sizes. This is what our partners & clients think:

Zalvus finds specialists for every company

"For us as Deutsche Bank Finanzberatung, it is important to have partners at our side who work with us analytically, proactively and continuously to optimize the recruitment campaign. It is precisely these qualities that are important to inspire successful financial advisors with our business model. With Zalvus, we have found exactly this partner.“


René Zimmermann // Vice President at Finanzberatungsgesellschaft mbH of Deutschen Bank

"For us as a medium-sized, regional company, Zalvus is a great way to attract qualified talent. The output was much higher than expected - Zalvus proposed truly ideal candidates. I‘m very pleased with our collaboration!"


Lara Kreysa // Head of Talent Acquisition at TUNAP 

"We are delighted - thanks to Zalvus we were able to hire two new mechanics very quickly. We especially liked the excellent support. Our campaign was proactively optimized and every request was implemented in the shortest possible time!"


Emile Weisner // Managing DIrector at ALLROUND Autovermietung GmbH

"Like many companies, we are constantly looking for niche specialists in IT and engineering. We are thus grateful that Zalvus identifies high-potential candidates, reaches out to them and, above all, successfully appeals to passive talent“.


Bianka Adelfinger // former Teamlead of Executive and Expert Search at Siemens AG

"With Zalvus I have a competent partner in the War For Talents! I received qualified candidate profiles for various positions in a very short time and my personal consultant was always available."


Stefan Jackmuth // Managing Director of addResults GmbH

„On behalf of Kalo we would like to thank you for helping us fill this challenging position!“


Melanie Döring // Head of HR, HR Development & Agile Transformation

"We‘re very satisfied - we hired a total of two candidates provided by Zalvus. Due to the competent and very friendly consultation, talent acquisition with Zalvus was super fun! I will definitely recommend Zalvus to others."


Melanie Schonert // former Deputy Head of Personnel Administration at Unionhilfswerk

"We tried many recruiting methods, but none was as pleasant, efficient and fast as Zalvus. Although the  profile requirements were very complex, we were provided with ideal profiles within a very short time - one of them promptly started in my team. Thank you for the great consultation!"


Ines Lehrke // Marketing & Communications at orgavision GmbH

„As a pilot project, we gave Zalvus one of our most difficult positions – an expert function with only a very small circle of eligible candidates. A great challenge! Through Zalvus, we found and hired an ideal candidate that exactly fits this profile.“


Frederik Pracht // HR Specialist at BAYERNOIL Raffineriegesellschaft mbH

Zalvus offers an unrivalled reach

"The campaign with Zalvus has generated more than 100 interested applicants. Zalvus forwarded us the best seven of them. This saved us time, nerves and money. We are very pleased with this result!"


Michael Schmieger // Human Resources Manager at Carl Bechem GmbH

"We are always looking for qualified trainees and financial advisors. We started our cooperation with Zalvus in late 2016. The Zalvus campaigns resulted in various applicants and a varietfy of contracts have already been signed. We are very impressed."


Petra Kraus // Head of Human Resources Development at LBS Bayerische Landesbausparkasse

"As a medium-sized IT company, it is crucial to  externally communicate our specific advantages (USPs) over other companies. With Zalvus we were able to get over 50,000 impressions of potentially qualified candidates. We were able to address our target group in a precise manner and thus successfully hired the right person."


Thorsten Heid // Member of the Board of Comsol Unternehmenslösungen AG

Zalvus optimizes campaigns right up to success

"The support provided by my consultant at Zalvus was very helpful in giving the responsible department a realistic impression of the candidate market. The proposed adjustments made a significant contribution to the success of the campaign - both the hiring manager and I are extremely satisfied with the results!"


Markus Kies // Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Siemens Digital Industries Software GmbH

"I’ve launched several campaigns with Zalvus - our cooperation has always been crowned with success. What I find particularly intriguing is the market insights provided by the tracking of candidate behavior on the landing pages.“


Samir Taki // Head of Processes, Commissions & IT at Finanzberatungsgesellschaft mbH der Deutschen Bank

"Besides the successful hiring that we have done via Zalvus, I especially liked the weekly analyses provided by my personal consultant. It gave us complete transparency on where and why my target group had dropped out of the job post and thus served as a basis for adjustments - effective and valuable!"


Daniel Brönimann // Head of Software Development at Siemens Schweiz AG

"We were very satisfied with the candidates, but also with the Zalvus process, which is coherent from A to Z. The communication was excellent, we were always up to date, high praise to the Zalvus team!"


Sabine Pfannmöller // Personalreferentin | HR Projects at Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH

"The cooperation with Zalvus is professional, efficient and above all fun. They provide highly valuable feedback and the creation of the campaign shows a high level of competence. A company I can recommend."


Renato a Marca de Donatz // COO of Löwenfels Partner AG

"Full-on transparency, finally! Besides generating ideal profiles, I was really interested in the analytics on the candidate behavior on my job posts. My contact person at Zalvus and I were thus able to optimize the content in a targeted manner and thereby increase the number of applications even more."


Eva Klein // Consultant for strategic projects / Facilities Services at Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

"Thanks to Zalvus, we now have the opportunity to reach not only actively seeking candidates, but also passively seeking candidates. This expands the applicant market and gives us a larger selection of qualified applicants. The cooperation with Zalvus is friendly, pleasant and uncomplicated. I have the feeling that we share the same values, which is particularly important to me when working together. Zalvus makes it easier for us to approach potential candidates, especially in commercial areas.“


Thomas Zorn // Managing Director of GBH - Gesellschaft für Baustoff-Aufbereitung und Handel mbH

"In our collaboration with Zalvus we gained extremely revealing insights that we had not measured before: We now finally know via which channels applicants visit our landing pages, where prospects drop out, why candidates apply, etc. We were able to implement according optimization measures which led to higher results."  

Birgit Dietrich // Human Resources Managerin at EBERTLANG Distribution GmbH

"We have hired a great candidate via Zalvus and thank them for their professional cooperation. Due to the extensive analyses, we were able to sharpen the profile quickly and thus make top talents aware of our vacancy in their everyday life."


Helge M. Gernhardt // Head of Digitalisation at Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH

"The first ‘round’ was slow. The Zalvus consultants then immediately drew our attention to various optimization options - we adapted the content of the job advertisement and made it more target group-specific, optimized the timing of the ad placement and gained transparent insights into the personas approached and the specific ads that were displayed. An exciting and successful process for us, we found what we were looking for!"


Klaas Vollbrecht // Managing Director of asenticon GmbH

"We often fill very specific vacancies. At Zalvus, we have found that the consultants adapt very well to us and simply listen well. They gather precise information about the target group and requirements in short, well-structured conversations, pre-qualify candidates and then optimize their search based on this. In this way, they can continuously improve the accuracy of fit of the candidates during the search process. We no longer have any difficulties filling our roles.“


Christina Rahtgens // Managing Partner at the Silvester Group

Zalvus reduces your time-to-hire

"We had an urgent vacancy to fill. I was told that the first profiles would arrive in my mailbox after two weeks at the latest. After the first weekend, we already had three qualified candidates. That was truly impressive and I will definitely work with Zalvus again."


Markus Kropfreiter // Personnel Officer at the Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg

"Through Zalvus, I found an experienced IT executive for a vacancy in Kassel in a very short time. Niche position or locational disadvantage? No problem! The Zalvus method convinces with an outstanding service and excellent results."


Thomas Peter // CFO of W. & L. Jordan GmbH

"We were able to fill a critical niche position within a short time with the support of Zalvus. The professional way of working and the cutting-edge approach to search for qualified candidates completely convinced us. We will continue to rely on the support of Zalvus in the future."


Janina Blatt // Recruiting Manager at Siemens Healthineers

"We were desperately searching for a receptionist, cook and waiter through various advertisements, agencies, displays and even at private parties. Then I came across "Zalvus". At that point, I was totally disillusioned and Zalvus was our last try. But I wish I had found them sooner! I filled out a short and concise form and the first candidates were already provided just two days later. Thanks to "Zalvus", all three positions could be placed in only only four weeks. Our new employees have managed to face the hard work in an incredibly diligent and team-oriented manner every day."


Christiane Scherfig // Owner of Seehotel Weit Meer GbR

"Zalvus provided us with highly qualified candidates in a fast and reliable manner. The landing page created for us & Zalvus' advertising provides a lasting impact on our employer branding. The communication with our personal consultant went without a problem."


Jana Tepe // Founder & CEO of the Tandemploy GmbH

"As a newly founded and growing company, Studio For Space has a high demand for talent in various areas. In search of highly qualified employees in a competitive market, Zalvus made it possible to fill all positions in no time. I can highly recommend the approach of Zalvus as a new, more efficient and successful method, especially after having worked with other recruiting methods previously!"


Dominic von Vlahovits // Director of Showroom at Studio For Space GmbH

Efficient recruiting for all business departments

"We’ve tried plenty of different recruiting methods –  and I am totally amazed by the results of our Zalvus campaigns! Despite addressing a very niche target group, we received numerous qualified candidate profiles, which we included directly in our assessment center or talent pool. I felt very well looked after by our Zalvus-contact person at all times – the next joint searches are already lined up."


Olga Bluhm // Senior Manager Talent Acquisition at MARVECS GmbH

"We were able to fill our vacancy in a very short time because Zalvus enabled us to draw the attention of ‘other’, new and latent interested parties to our vacancy. The Zalvus team sees itself as a service provider for whom customer satisfaction is important! My contact person was a reliable, helpful support, even at off-peak times - a pleasant, enjoyable and successful experience!"


Thomas Schneider // Head of Human Resources - Bayerische Asphaltmischwerke GmbH & Co.KG Straßenbaustoffe

"We are permanently looking for highly qualified employees. Zalvus manages to target candidates in specific regions and on differenct career levels – from beginners to specialists. Always customized to our needs by flexibly adapting the target group depending on response. We are always satisfied with the results. Our next campaigns are due to start shortly".


Tanja Kasporick // Recruiter at Landesbausparkasse Suedwest

"We have already filled at least 10 vacancies with Zalvus, from web developers to building inspectors to sales people. I have never experienced such an efficient recruiting channel and usually hire several people per campaign."


Uwe Brodtmann // Managing Director of Solutiance AG

"We've already successfully filled multiple developer positions with the help of Zalvus - we are very impressed!"


Annika Weigel // HR Business Partner bei der Südwestdeutsche Medienholding GmbH

"It is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified talent. Of course this also concerns the roofing industry. With Zalvus we have an innovative partner on our side that helped us fill a variety of positions.“


Lukas Büdenbender // Family entrepreneur at Büdenbender Dachtechnik GmbH

"We have already completed numerous campaigns with Zalvus and are truly satisfied all around. Despite our company's strong growth, we are therefore always well-staffed. We will also cover further personnel requirements - especially in the sales, engineering and IT areas - via Zalvus."


Jan-Philipp Wilckens // former Managing Director of Ventomaxx GmbH

"As an innovation-driven company, we are also always open to new recruiting solutions. Using modern methods, Zalvus managed to identify and contact candidates in a well-directed manner. We have thus already been able to successfully fill several vacancies."


Kai-Uwe Otto // Director Human Resources & Organisation at VOSS Automotive GmbH