Opinions of our candidates

Zalvus ensures a positive candidate experience along the entire recruitment funnel

Data-based recruitingmeets candidate-centered approach

Zalvus approaches the entire recruitment process holistically. We analyze the initial job postings using our database, optimize the marketing and find new unique selling points for each position. This ensures that candidates enjoy a positive experience during the entire process.

Our job advertisements are completely candidate-centered. We use intelligent tracking to identify the interests of the target group.

Our Talent Management team interviews candidates personally to assure that you will only receive suitable profiles.

Candidates on average rate our recruitment process with 4.8 stars.

A transparent candidate process from receiving to transmitting

Candidates are constantly updated by our Talent Management team throughout the entire application process and receive feedback as quickly as possible.

"THIS is how recruiting works! Fast processing, reliable forwarding of documents and I had my interview within 3 days. Then I had the job a week later."


// Frank Hartung

"Innovative, uncomplicated and fast process, competent and friendly team, highly recommended."


// Matthias Kirchhof

"Very fast and, most importantly, competent recruiting process. The entire application process was transparent and professional and I always felt appreciated. It only took a few days from the initial inquiry to the interview. Based on my experience, I would recommend Zalvus to other applicants."


// Ackim Nodjimba

Personal prequalification by a specialized talent management team

Our Talent Management team invests time in personal pre-qualification by interviewing suitable candidates before submitting them to our clients.

"The work methods of Zalvus impressed me positively. The employee was not only professionally competent, but also very friendly, a really pleasant conversation. Thank you for the successful placement and I wish you all the best for the future!"


// Viola Erbse

"I had a very pleasant and professional conversation during the first interview concerning my application. All the important points were answered instantly and I immediately felt that I was in good hands. I hope that the application process will continue and that a second interview will follow."


// Andreas Beyer

"Professional, yet very friendly contact from the talent managers and an informative, friendly first phone call. All my questions were answered competently. I am simply satisfied with how everything functioned."


// Wolfgang Braun


Fast responses for the ideal candidate experience

If a candidate has successfully completed the qualifying test and is deemed suitable, our Talent Management team will contact him/her within less than 24 hours.

"Fast reaction and good interface. Justin from Zalvus responded to my inquiry the same day and contacted me the next day. I also liked that the workflow included a good level of detail about the vacancy. In particular, the salary range was mentioned and I think that makes things a lot easier for a job seeker."


// Roy Macaraig

"Very fast and professional recruitment service. I saw a suitable vacancy, did the job test and was in touch within 15 minutes. We had the call later that afternoon. After the first phone call, I received the link to upload my documents. The best aspect is that you can feel the human touch. It's good to know that your application is being reviewed by a person who is not an ATS. Everything went very smoothly. Thank you very much, Joana and Anna."


// Durmus Ali Tasdemir

"I was searching a job. After finding an interesting position on Facebook, I entered my details and quickly got a call back from Zalvus. The friendly and competent woman checked all the details with me (including goals and no-go's, etc.)."


// Paulo Mendes

Simple application process due to functional qualifying test and uncomplicated submission of documents

Zalvus offers a simple application process that playfully converts your target group to success. Thanks to job-specific tests, interested persons independently check their suitability and leave their contact details after a positive result.

"My impression of Zalvus after an initial interview for an interesting position: application within seconds via a social media ad, then a very friendly and uncomplicated exchange on the phone within a few minutes, easy submission of my documents - this is how recruiters should work today. Thumbs up!"


// Celia Schweyer

"I had an experience with Zalvus about an engineering position. I liked the structured approach (first you pass a review/assessment test and upload files, then you talk to them to see if there is a match and then they decide if they would like to proceed). Also, the people I spoke to were very friendly and professional. All in all, this has been one of the best experiences I've had with recruiters so far."


// Bogdan Udovivic

"Nice staff, very modern website and uploading documents is easy. An appointment for the telephone interview is sent by e-mail. However, you can still change this appointment. The telephone interview then took place punctually. I received prompt feedback. With pleasure again."


// Bernd Schmidtke

High level of user-friendliness ensures a positive candidate experience

Due to our preselection with the help of an suitability test, we provide a simple and user-friendly application process. We only request further application documents in the course of the process, so that candidates can easily express their interest as the first step.

"My experience with the Zalvus approach has been great - simply refreshingly different and a great user experience in terms of user-friendliness. All the best for the future and good luck!"


// Tobias Schenk

"I recently applied for an Engineer position at Zalvus. I had a short, polite but professional interview. The job posting was very structured with a good user interface. The process was faster than I expected."


// Nikhil

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