The Newest Technologies in Recruiting

Learning From Other Industries /How established E-Commerce Methods can be used for Talent Acquisition

Big Data /| by Means of our Digital Footprint

Big Data /by Means of our Digital Footprint

By publicly disclosing information (e.g. in social- or professional networks), every internet-user leaves behind a visible footprint, through which he/she can be identified and approached. The invisible part of his/her profile is extended through online-behavior (e.g. by visiting websites, through "likes", comments or location tracking). The data of billions of internet users are saved in this way and enable active approaching of users.  

Target Groups /of Potential Candidates

The owners of the described user data (e.g. Facebook and Google) enable the filtering of information by means of steadily growing criteria (e.g. age, gender, location, education, interests, etc.) Accordingly, detailed target groups of relevant persons can be created, compared and managed.

Target Groups /| of Potential Candidates
Active Approaching /| through the Placement of Personalized Ads

Active Approaching /through the Placement of Personalized Ads

Various providers (e.g. Facebook for Business, Google Adwords, etc.) enable the placing of personalized ads to specific target groups. These entail text, images or videos, which refer to a job post (a "landing page) on which the visitor can show interest. The ads are perceived by candidates on every-day used channels in the respective native form (articles, news, banners, videos, etc.) 

Reach /

Reach /

Bringing Vacancies to Candidates (not vice versa)

The attention of thousands of potential candidates can be drawn to your position - at a place where they already spend their time, without further activity (no login, registration, download, etc.) Accordingly, candidates can learn about your vacancy at any time or place (while at work, on the couch or en route). 


Channels /

Channels /

Addressing Candidates in Every-Day Lives

Potential candidates are reached whenever online. The attention of the identified target group is drawn to fitting jobs they did not previously know about - in social or professional networks, on (professional) websites, in forums and groups, on apps, etc. The approach is possible on any digital end-device (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) 

Results /

Results /

Efficient Online-Recruiting

Our method is characterized by economic efficiency, pace and transparency. Additionally, you profit from positive Employer-Branding effects - through the reach of our ads, measurable KPIs and content-based feedback on the position and market (through the reaction of the traget group).

Conclusion /Advantages & Challenges

The described method enables the use of billions of user data (Big Data) for talent acquisition and the opening of a new candidate-pool (of inactive/passive talents). Our method convinces due to a low cost-per- and time-to-hire.


The complexity of Performance Marketing and the very young drawing together of marketing and HR results in a great effort. As a pioneer and specialist in the field, Zalvus offers an established 360°-solution. 

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