State-of-the-Art Technology

Meets human expertise

We leverage technology as a means to enhance efficiency and quality. Continuously exploring trends from diverse industries, we adopt cutting-edge tools to optimize placement success. Our approach is adaptable, blending technology-driven and independent strategies. Through performance marketing, gamification, and A.I. applications, we tailor campaigns with exceptional efficiency.

Real Performance Recruiting

Since 2015, we've employed performance marketing to precisely target candidates. Through customized campaigns and rigorous testing of activation strategies, we strategically allocate budgets to maximize reach across top-performing channels.

Engaging Gamification

Gamification enhances interactivity in our ads and boosts candidate engagement. Playful elements in our functional tests simplify the application process, significantly improving conversion rates.

A.I. Integration

As pioneers in technology adoption, we harness artificial intelligence to transform the recruiting process. Our custom AI assistant supports every stage of hiring, allowing us to tailor campaigns precisely to candidate needs.


Data-Driven Optimization

We employ meticulous tracking to analyze the effectiveness of advertising media and job content thoroughly. This data guides our continuous campaign optimization, identifying success factors to maximize long-term placement success.

Effortless Communication

We streamline the application process with synchronous communication channels like Messenger, simplifying candidate interaction. Test details are validated in personal interviews, and necessary documents are efficiently collected and reviewed in person.

Real-Time Analytics

Our developed extranet offers real-time performance data and grants access to thoroughly pre-qualified candidate profiles, complete with all relevant documents. This serves as a valuable tool for efficient talent management.

Our data basis ensures your success

Our method combines a rigorous approach with cutting-edge technology and exceptional expertise. Our extensive database provides us with a critical knowledge advantage:

We use sophisticated and GDPR-compliant tracking technology to determine which advertisement content is of particular interest to potential candidates. We use this data feedback to optimize new vacancies before and during marketing.

Each of our advertisements features a customized functional test specific to the vacancy, providing candidates with a straightforward application process where they answer questions in an engaging manner.

Our Talent Management team contacts suitable candidates within 24 hours and verifies test data through personal interviews. Leveraging high automation levels, we operate in a candidate-centric manner, ensuring highly efficient personalization.

Real Performance Recruiting

for Sustainable Success

Successful recruiting hinges on measuring and analyzing candidate behavior across the entire process. Monitoring conversion rates from initial contact with advertising mediums through interaction with interactive landing pages and application progress forms the foundation for continual campaign adjustment and optimization.

What our customers say:

“I have already searched for candidates with Zalvus several times - our collaboration has always been crowned with success. I find the market insight provided by tracking candidate behavior on the landing pages particularly exciting.“


Samir Taki

Head of Processes, Commissions & IT at Finanzberatungsgesellschaft mbH of Deutsche Bank

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