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Specialists and Executives| for all industries and locations

Specialists and Executivesfor all industries and locations

Since 2015, Zalvus has been bringing technologies from established digital industries into the world of recruitment. In order to target suitable candidates where they are actively online on a daily basis, performance marketing and big data analyses come into play. Today, more than 600 companies of all sizes and industries rely on Zalvus' all-round solution. 

The most efficient all-round solution |for candidate-centered recruiting

The most efficient all-round solutionfor candidate-centered recruiting

Each recruiting campaign is tailored to the individual characteristics and challenges of the specific vacancy and consists of these three phases: 

Concept // We translate your vacancy into an interactive Inserat 4.0. Since 2015, this format has been further developed through A/B testing and digital behavioral analyses and is constantly modified to meet the requirements of today's candidate market. Based on specific minimum requirements that candidates must offer, we design a comprehensive marketing campaign, select relevant marketing channels and time spans, and create vacancy-, target group-, and platform specific advertising materials. 

Examples of current campaigns

Activation // We distribute the prepared ad formats in social and professional networks, in apps, on (specialist) websites, in job boards and metasearch engines, as well as in other target group specific channels. Intelligent campaign management ensures the ideal distribution of the advertising budget. We use tracking technologies on the Inserat 4.0 and feedback from suitable candidates to identify hurdles and potential for improvement. In regular analyses, we provide you with the collected data and insights. Based on this data, we offer precise recommendations for action in order to further optimize the Inserat 4.0 together with you and to increase the activation rate of suitable candidates. 

Details about our technology

Transfer // We collect and validate all relevant candidate information and summarize it for you in a standardized short profile. Finally, we forward this short profile to you via the method of your choice: by encrypted e-mail, via the Zalvus portal or directly into your candidate management system. 


// The entire Zalvus solution is GDPR compliant and is hosted and secured on European servers. 


Unique advantagesthanks to new technologies

Access to new candidates 

In addition to actively seeking candidates, Zalvus also reaches specialists and executives who are ready to change and who are only passively looking for a job. 


Efficient campaign management 

No more post and pray! Thanks to continuous optimization, Zalvus distributes online ads where the budget is most wisely and efficiently spent. 

Ideal conversion 

The structure of the Inserat 4.0 has been continuously developed since 2015 and has been proven to increase the activation rate of suitable candidates. 

Data-based consultations 

Digital behavioral analyses reveal the hurdles and also the hidden potential of an advertisement. They are the basis for transparent and effective optimizations. 

Matching candidates 

We check the details of promising candidates via technological processes as well as personally via phone calls and successively forward qualified candidates to you. 

Positive Candidate Experience 

A variety of contact channels, individual and personal support as well as response times of less than 24 hours ensure optimal candidate satisfaction. 

Experiences and opinionsof our customers

"We've used Zalvus to fill at least 10 positions, from web developers to building surveyors to sales representatives. I've never experienced such an efficient recruiting channel and usually hire several people per campaign." 


Uwe Brodtmann
// Solutiance AG

"Like many companies, we are permanently looking for niche specialists in IT and engineering. Accordingly, we are grateful that Zalvus identifies and addresses qualified candidates for us and, above all, convinces latent seekers." 


Bianka Adelfinger
// formerly Siemens AG

"I found an experienced IT executive for a vacancy in Kassel in no time. Niche position or location disadvantage? No issue. The Zalvus method convinces us with outstanding service and excellent results."

Thomas Peter
// W. & L. Jordan GmbH

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Let’s talk

"I am sure that we will find the right solution for your recruiting process. In a personal meeting with you, our consultants will be happy to find out to what extent Zalvus can support you specifically.” 


Matilda von Gierke // Zalvus Managing Director 


Our honors// Awards and prizes

An excerpt of our placements: 

- Shortlist, HR Excellence Awards 2021 

- Shortlist, Queb HR Innovation Award 2020 

- Finalist, Emotion Award 2020 

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We live and love knowledge transfer

As pioneers in the field of modern working environments, we exemplify innovative processes, principles and working methods and accompany our customers on their way into the future of work. By working with many different companies, we are able to identify cross-industry trends and developments at an early stage and design practical recommendations for action. Zalvus founder Matilda von Gierke shares the insights she has gained on the stages of the world. 

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