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What we do / |briefly explained

What we do /briefly explained

A short description of our services can be found in the video, as well as further details on this website.

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The Cutting-Edge Solution / |For Your Talent Acquisition

The Cutting-Edge Solution /For Your Talent Acquisition

Zalvus uses the latest Big Data Analytics and Online- Marketing Technologies for recruiting. Our full-service solution reaches from the analysis of your vacancy to the delivery of pre-qualified applicants. By means of targeted online ads, Zalvus is significantly more effective than job portals and up to 85% cheaper than traditional headhunters.

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The difference /A new candidate pool

Zalvus activates passively-searching candidates on online channels used on an every-day basis, prior to searching for a job. Job boards, on the other hand, solely reach actively-searching candidates and traditional headhunters access only registered users in networks / data bases.


Our alternative recruiting-approach is suitable for all locations, industries and career-levels.

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The difference / |A new candidate pool

Partners /Innovative Companies Use ZALVUS


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